vietnamese coffee

    vietnamese coffee

    vietnamese coffee

    Coffee and health

    In the same time, can we get the information when the experts analyze the benefit of coffee, a kind of bitter substances are more popular, this is normal. People who drink just note about dosage and health itself.
    Weight loss support

    Drinking the right amount of coffee can help you lose weight. Black coffee drink will not too much calorie supplement such as in the case of milk coffee (contains 170 calories). Coffee also helps reduce the urge to eat in a natural way. A recent study discovered, made from green coffee beans roasting yet, can support weight loss by limiting the amount of sugar absorbed through the intestine, at the same time accelerate the speed to burn excessive fat of the body.

    Taking advantage of the muscles
    The researchers discovered Australian Sports Institute in a cup of coffee can help athletes train so close to 1/3 compared to the amount of time the normal operation. This is due to the caffeine seems to activate the muscles begin to burn fat from turning into energy when energy from carbohydrate sources were most unfortunate. Caffeine can also assist ventilation.

    Reduce the risk of Alzheimer's

    Moderate coffee drinking may reduce risk of Alzheimer's symptoms to 20%, according to the report by the Institute for scientific information on coffee. It seems caffeine helps prevent the formation of mean and protein arrays related to Alzheimer's disease. Besides, caffeine and anti-
    oxygen in coffee also reduces inflammation in the brain, delaying the speed of deterioration of brain cells, especially in the region of the brain related to memory, according to Dr Arfan Ikram, Assistant Professor of medicine at Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam (the Netherlands).
    Useful for skin

    While the coffee cause dehydration effects for the body, it does not dry the skin as you thought, according to Dr. Nick Lowe, a dermatologist in London, England. And coffee can reduce the risk of skin cancer, thanks to the oxygen compounds.

    Reduce risk of diabetes

    Many studies prove drinking coffee may reduce the risk of diabetes 2 format. A recent report in the United States with 123,000 participants shows people drinking from 3-5 cups of coffee each day can enjoy the positive effect from the coffee in an effort to fight this dangerous disease.
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