vietnamese coffee,

    vietnamese coffee,

    vietnamese coffee,

    Sai Thanh bệt cafe culture


    If in Hanoi, referring to "pavement culture", people think of the cup of hot tea of ​​old people sitting along the road, the city, the climate and the hustle no room for romance tea . People familiar with Li Sai into iced coffee, but not always, people get relaxed moments to sip the drink too long except weekend meager morning.


    Cafe bệt appears not many, two cherry are currently concentrated near Notre Dame Cathedral and near the Tax Shopping evening. Guests of mostly teen cafe sunk, ie 8X 9X or end. Bệt cafe owners often sweating fleeing Statistics curly rather sedentary. They also rarely laughed so busy racing. I used to go to cafe bệt 3 times. After three visits to him, I learned a few things:

     - The cafe sunk much profit

     - Do not expect a warm welcome attitude. You will be self-carte instead of waiting for questions.

    - We should bring paper towels, newspaper and change.

    - Do not be afraid to say aloud as they fail, so everyone out! Factory bucket fried factories, though everyone said, but heard only the object understood


    Cafe bệt often reflected a cultural movement teen , this is very different from the cafe sidewalk or alley cafe . And the cafe should be sunk in the notice do not littering . After a drunken conversation with friends , frankly , no one wants to see a " battlefield" rubbish

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