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    The "Journalists for the culinary arts"

    Celebrate 91 years of Vietnam Revolutionary Press (21/06/1925 - 21/06/2016), Morning 19/06/2016 City Journalists Association. HCM - Correspondent Club of Art and Culture in collaboration with Nestlé Ltd. Vietnam-label program MAGGI organization "Journalists for the culinary arts" theme "natural delicious meal."
    Today, according to Eating balance diet, especially for those meals "good nature" will contribute to the more health journalist, joy serving better in the field of information press for the development of healthy and sustainable society.
    Because of work pressure is precious so many when we have hours of leisure, entertainment, interaction via the "Journalists for the culinary arts" that took place this morning, Sunday, 6/19 / 2016.

    Contest consists of six pairs of contestants:

    1. Fresh Deng (Tuoi Tre) - Nguyen Van Tuan (Newspaper Today)
    2. Cam Nhung (Thanh Nien) - Zheng Cards (Newspaper Employees)
    3. Thuc Doan (Radio HTV) - Thanh Thuy (Radio TNND HCMC)
    4. Tran Ngoan (vnExpress) - Axial (Newspaper Women HCMC)
    5. You Lin (Taiwan VTV 1) - Hoai Giang (Report CAPT)
    6. Karim Choueiri (Nestlé) - Vu Thi Thuy Hang (Nestlé) from Nestle Vietnam Company.

    Culinary expert, Ms. Trieu Thi Play exchanged, introduced to the contestants how to select ingredients shopping, cooking implement, use spices ... so satisfactory "naturally good" and told ensuring high nutritional requirements.

    The prize structure: A total of 10 awards for six teams, including:

    1 Gold Prize Cuisine: 8 million;
    1 silver award Cuisine: 7 million;
    1 Cuisine contract award: 5 million;
    3 prize prospects Cuisine: 2 million / award;
    Award Presentation 1 or 1 million;
    1 the fans impressed: 1 million;
    1 Shopping reasonable solutions: 1 million
    1 matchup prize: 1 million.

    (All contestants participating in the contest are the (high or low) and receive immediate cash)

     "Delicious meal natural" is the general trend of today's culinary arts toward family meals delicious norms, correct and balanced. Doing that requires a combination of carefully selected fresh ingredients and nutritious with the most reasonable use of spices to keep full natural flavor of each dish. The nutritionists always recommend that the structure should have more meal fruits and vegetables would be better for your health, and enhanced attention requirements of food hygiene and safety.

    The final results:

    1 / Cam Nhung (Thanh Nien) - Zheng Cards (Newspaper Employees): Culinary Gold Award.
    2 / Nguyen Van Tuan (News Today) - Hoai Giang (Report CAPT): Good Food Award Silver + fans + Award impressive presentation or.
    3 / Tran Ngoan (vnExpress) - Axial (City Newspaper Women): Good Food Co.
    4 / Thuc Doan (Radio HTV) - Tien Thanh (Radio TNND TP): Settlement Prospects + Solutions sensible shopping.
    5 / You Lin (Taiwan VTV 1) - Dang Fresh (Tuoi Tre): Settlement Prospects.
    6 / Karim Choueiri (Company Nestlé) - Vu Thi Thuy Hang (Nestle Company): Settlement Prospects + League matchup.

    Jury enjoying dishes to decide the winner

    The jury of the team enjoying food Nestlé

    Organizing Committee awarded the first, second and third for the team

    Coalition teams Thanh Nien - Nguoi Lao Dong
    about the contest for the Golden League Cuisine

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