vietnamese coffee

    vietnamese coffee

    vietnamese coffee

    These quotes about coffee

    "Go to the end of the bitter taste, you will feel the sweet" Rio Coffee-taste of life 
    "Coffee makes us strong, calmly and wise"-Jonathan Swifl 

    "Wake up each morning, if there is no Cup of coffee, I feel ridiculous!"-Napoleon 

    Someone said: "coffee is not the serene beast like the tea, the more powerful domestic violence not listed as alcohol. Person enjoy soothing for that coffee is the hyphen between joy and sadness. With who is late, as coffee day end as a piece of music has many accents. Rest of the coffee for the denomination that is a woman who brings her in applying charm .... " 

    "Many people, do not withstand the bitter taste of coffee so often put sugar or milk for less bitter. I'm not for sugar or milk into the coffee by me: must undergo tasting bitter sweet feel to iron man.Although still continue to drink bitter coffee but I still not discouraged because of its sweet aftertaste. "-Bunny 

    Every drop of coffee fell, time as halt. 

    I love the coffee morning, roads flooded ♩ ♫ ♬ ♪ gold leaf 

    A cup of coffee to drink in the morning brings the excitement of a great cup of coffee any more though is in the afternoon or the evening may be created. 

    Drinking coffee to understand, to know, to love ... Delicious coffee is coffee drinking delicious coffee despite seeing other famous place to those also don't like their coffee. Rustic coffee or coffee flavoring, each with an individual taste. Delicious in that people enjoy, the mood of people enjoy, enjoy (not drinking) strange, like discovering a friend, a soul, discover the sweetness, warm taste, discover yourself with it or not ... 

    Coffee has become a delicious dish for each soul, people look to the coffee when the center of the distress, people look to the coffee as finding a creative inspiration at work, people look to simple coffee as a way of enjoying life!

    "Little sugar sweet coffee? 
    Add a little love you belong together? 

    The coffee is bitter as hell, black as death and the title sweet love ... 

    "Parents often clicked a SIP each time for the coffee to ensure that it is not too salty and hot. It was love "-Danny, age 7 

    Men very much like coffee because if is the kind of delicious will make you lose sleep! :-)
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