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    vietnamese coffee

    vietnamese coffee

    Vietnam black coffee 'world's best'

    Vietnam black coffee 'world's best'

    The northern hemisphere countries often drink hot coffee, we must show them the original rock is black coffee in Vietnam.

    I am doing in the coffee industry for over 25 years in the West, would like to share the experience of coffee.

    The Arabica coffee producing countries, mostly in South America, a small number in Asia, Africa, and very few in Hawaii in the United States, Robusta mostly in Asia and Africa.

    American people in general and in particular in North America nearly 100% Arabica drink. Europe they drink both types, Africans drink close to 100% is Robusta, and in Asia toward Southeast Asia, the drink Robusta, northern Asia are mostly Arabica.

    Natural pure coffee is not mixed with corn or other grain types, if so, can not be called pure coffee.

    Coffee is divided into three classes: first class is the highest quality, second class is average, three is the lowest kind. Also coffee divided into several categories, such as instant coffee original coffee plantation that where public lands. World markets will assess each region's coffee, for example, the best coffee in the world is grown in Jamaique Blue Mountain, Hawaiian Kona is grown in fancy on the volcano has been disabled. Other countries have their coffee with your own original, this coffee the coffee are all first class.

    Moka coffee types, Colombien, Afrique, Java ... is named by the recipe for roasted and processed correctly at the local, not the original coffee of the same locality. They may be first-rate, two or three, depending on the choice of different companies.

    Coffee also tastes like vanilla, caramel ... Aromatic coffee called. This format has a lot of categories, which can be unlimited, depending on the processing company with different formulas.

    In my opinion every person, every nation has its own way of taking and their processed, as well as companies that, we must have our own processing. Important here is how, how to drink, turn his regime than to other countries, have jointly launched Vietnam's coffee up.

    For example, stone black coffee from Vietnam, I went a lot of water and have never seen good as in Vietnam, it is important to clean it without toxins. It is in tropical countries should be developed for iced coffee all the world to see. The countries in the north usually drink hot coffee, Minn must show them the original iced coffee in Vietnam, as well as coffee Latte, Cappuccino, VIENNOIS ... comes from Europe.

    Please do not blame Vietnamese coffee anymore, but more important is to improve the quality, reputation seeking to build Vietnam iced coffee floating all over the world.

    Nguyen Van Hien

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