vietnamese coffee

    vietnamese coffee

    vietnamese coffee

    Vietnamese coffee is not good for phase by filter

    'Vietnamese Coffee appetite for challenge by filter'

    Coffee quality is unstable because it depends on many factors such as the boiling point of water, the fineness of the coffee, compressive force to the blow by filter, and especially slow, time-consuming.

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    Vietnam is the largest coffee exporter in the world. Yet in Vietnam Coffee consumption patterns have special unlike other countries.

    Around the 20th century, coffee in French footprints introduced into Vietnam and the Vietnamese they impart to the mixing of filter coffee.

    This method is relatively simple and does not require complex equipment. Principle mainly for water penetrates the coffee. However the quality of the coffee is not good and stable because it depends on many factors such as the boiling point of water, the fineness of the coffee, the compression force to the challenge and especially slow, time-consuming.

    And this preparation was no longer popular in the world anymore. Currently there are better methods of preparation that the world is used. How to conquer the challenge of more people in the world that is a mixture of Italian style espresso.

    It is based on osmotic pressure steam through the coffee.

    And with 1 cup of good coffee, it is based on 4 factors:

    - Quality Coffee

    - Water temperature

    - Water

    - And time phase

    An Espresso machine control most of these factors.

    It uses osmotic pressure steam through the coffee to caffeine extraction is the best. Temperature control is always constant 96 degrees Celsius, the pressure from 9 to 9.3 / 1 cm cube, 14ml of water on one shot in about 26 seconds and I get a cup of coffee.

    Thus the challenge is a delicious cup of coffee and are, cup after cup before other not. It was therefore prepared this way everywhere in the world, and most of today at the shop or office has to serve Espresso machine consumers.

    Coffee in Vietnam no longer has a reason tasty significantly, due to the impact of the subsidy period. When the economy famine shortage, but demand remains high for coffee, so people sought padding materials easily available and cheap as corn, soy or even chemicals. (See also: How to distinguish between truth and chemical coffee, popcorn)

    Thus the essence of coffee does not have to appear on the market. By doing that, Vietnam's coffee separated from the consumer behavior of the world's coffee. And that separation long enough to affect the consumers Vietnam coffee is no longer seen as appropriate pure again.

    Currently, several coffee businesses have realized that. And some have accepted the pioneers in coffee paid about its true meaning.

    Between 2005 and had some coffee now carry about Vietnam Espresso machine. But the first time not encouraging. Because consumer behavior was too old and deep penetration consumers. There are those who say they are selling brewed coffee machine coffee is false.

    And gradually, thanks to the development of information, the largest coffee brand was introduced into Vietnam have contributed to gradual change that behavior. People are understanding that she is the real coffee, where coffee is really good. (See also: gourmet coffee from Hanoi)

    Until today, a series of the leading coffee brand in the world to enter Vietnam.

    So the question is the coffee brand Vietnam cope with foreign brands in any way?

    According to my point, which is to integrate brand building clean fresh coffee Vietnamese coffee suit international tastes, bringing Vietnam's coffee abroad. The main thing that will help the value of Vietnam coffee beans enhanced.


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